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There are many different things to consider after you make the decision to hire a professional bartender for your event. There are many different kinds of bartenders you can hire from full service bartending companies to ones that simply come in to serve the alcohol and then leave. It is not as simple as just calling up a bartender and asking them to come work at your event. From making sure that they have everything needed to service your event to make sure that your bartender has liability in case of any incidents, there are many things to go over and consider before simply picking up the phone and calling service. By considering all of your options for professional bartenders to work your next event you can make sure that you are fully prepared for anything that comes up. 

Full-Service Bartending 

Professional bartenders are the key to professional service at your event. By hiring a full service bartending company you can enjoy your event with your guest without having to worry about being stuck behind the bar yourself. Full service bartending companies will also handle all set up and clean up which is worth everything when hosting a big event. Full service bartending companies also will supply the alcohol and glassware for your bar. Some full service bartending companies even provide barbacks to help everything go along smoothly throughout the entire event. Full service bartending is a great choice for large corporate events or weddings. 

Benefits of Hiring a Professional 

There are many great benefits to hiring a professional bartender for your next event. One of the biggest benefits is that they carry their own liability. Not only does this protect you and your event if something happens but it also makes the bartender much more cautious when serving and monitoring your guests. Another great benefit is that you will be able to be a guest at your own event while feeling fully confident that your other guests are being taken care of. Another great thing about hiring professional bartenders is that you will not overspend on liquor, beer or wine for your event. It is easy to spend way too much, especially during a large event because you are not sure of how many drinks your guests will be having. Bartenders are experts at knowing exactly how much alcohol you will need to prepare for your event because they are professionals in their field. This one aspect of hiring a professional bartender can save you a lot of money. 

What to Expect from Your Bartender

Bartenders are not simply there to just pour one drink after another, they serve many other purposes for your event. Bartenders make sure that drinks are portioned correctly and that your guests are never over served. They also maintain a clean bar area and refill ice and beverages as needed. They are also there to keep everyone happy, they are big for customer service. Bartenders are very personable and great at making everyone feel included during your event. Bartenders see a lot of different people everyday and love meeting new people and having good conversations. They are useful for so many aspects of your event.

The Real Question. 

So, why would you want to hire a professional bartender? They are trained for anything that you throw at them in the bartending industry. They have taken the time to make sure they have stayed educated on the new drinks and trends. As well as the current events going on to keep conversations current and professional with all their customers. They save you time and allow you to enjoy your event as a guest rather than stuck serving everyone the entire night. Whether you decide to hire a full service bartending agency, or hire a mobile bartender individually, the pouring is usually best left to the experts.