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What is a Mobile Bartending Service?

Mobile bartenders are bartenders that travel out to any location and set up shop to bartend for guests at events. You can choose services that bring the alcohol to you or you can choose to provide your own alcohol for the bartender to use. There are many benefits to hiring a mobile bartender for your event including things such as convenience and creating a more polished atmosphere. Having your own mobile bartender can bring your next event to a more professional level and take all of the drink planning stress off of your plate. 

Benefits of hiring a Mobile Bartender

One of the main benefits of hiring a mobile bartender for your next event is going to limit the liability of having your guests mix their own drinks. Most guests are not trained bartenders themselves and therefore have a habit of over pouring their own cocktails. Mobile bartenders will carry their own liability insurance and have the experience to know when one of your guests needs to be cut off from the bar before being allowed to leave the event. Another great benefit of hiring a mobile bartender is to take yourself away from the bar and give you time to enjoy the event and your guests. If you are stuck keeping track of the beverages and the drinking levels you will have less time to enjoy the event that you are hosting. Experience is also an added benefit of hiring a mobile bartender. Instead of simple drinks, they can help you create the perfect cocktails for your event. They also have the experience to create the classics your guests expect when they go up to the bar at an event. 

What to Look for when Hiring a Bartender

There are many different traits to consider when choosing the perfect bartender for your next event. One of the main and most obvious traits that you want to keep in mind when choosing your bartender is their people skills. Your bartender’s first impression with your guests is very important to the overall mood of the event. You want someone who is personable and can hold a conversation when needed. Being aware of the situation around them is also a very important skill for any bartender to have no matter the event that they are serving at. When alcohol is involved emotions always tend to run high and it is a good idea to hire a bartender that can pick up on mood changes in the event to know how to react appropriately to situations. 

Consider Pricing of Mobile Bartending Services

Cost is a big consideration when hiring a professional mobile bartending service. The current average cost to hire a bartender for an event is between 270-390 dollars. You can also choose a service with an hourly fee if you know the exact time frame that you want the bar maintained by the bartender. There are many different aspects that will affect the cost of the bartender that you choose to hire. The aspects most often considered are the number of guests, the tools they need to bring and whether or not a barback will be provided to assist the bartender in tasks like pulling bottles or refilling ice. The cost may also increase if you would prefer the bartender not to have their own tip jar. Also, plan ahead for higher pricing if your event lands on a major holiday where there is a higher demand for bartending services. 


Hiring a professional bartender for your event is a great idea to give yourself more time and provide a more elegant experience. It is also a great benefit to have the bartender have their own liability for your guests drinking at your event. Choosing your own bartender or having your event planner choose for you can help create the look that you want for your event and the drinks that you expect to be served to your guests. Pricing has obvious different ranges but when you outweigh the benefits it is well worth the cost to hire. If you are looking to have more free reign to interact with your guests and still be able to provide drinks at the party then hiring a professional mobile bartending service is the right choice for you.